I Gotta Believe 

It is a big month for me, as the American Idol TV show comes to a close and I am releasing a brand new single today called “I Gotta Believe”. This song is very personal. It is about my journey, what got me to where I am, and what I want to share with the world. I wrote it after my time as a finalist on American Idol, Season 4. I’ll be sharing more with you about that and what’s ahead soon! 

This song is all about the power of knowing who you are and your self-worth. There will always be people out there that will try to tear you down and tell you all that’s wrong. I’ve been blessed with a lot of people that support me and my music as well. 

In the end, you will succeed in life based upon what comes from inside of you and what you believe about yourself. My mom has been a steady force, always believing in me, and part of my strength comes from her. My trust in God is a major part of who I am. In “I Gotta Believe”, I sing about a higher power of divine intervention and about a plan for my life. Are you tapped into yours? 

Sometimes you might lose sight for a little while or life might just get you down. One way to get it back is to go out and do what you love. I had taken some time after American Idol to focus on other areas of my life and being a mom. I was ready to get going with my music again, but after a break my confidence was a bit down. A friend convinced me let go of the recent past and the feeling that I was stuck. I’m so grateful she encouraged me to move to Dallas. It was a move, in order to move forward. 

The Dallas music scene helped me to regain my confidence and reinvigorate my sense of destiny with my music. To get back into my groove, I started singing in a cover band with musicians that were on point. The diversity of the music and the people around me challenged me. Both helped me stretch as a singer, beyond where my voice had gone before. I’d always been a strong soul rock artist and singing a variety of music by other artists four to five nights a week took me to a whole new level. My vocal power became stronger than ever and my confidence came back. 

I want to encourage each of you to take the steps you need to take to reinvigorate your passion and your belief. Surround yourself with like-minded people and those that support you.

Having that belief in yourself means that you are confident enough to stay on path, knowing that it is okay if everyone doesn’t like what you create. There are enough people that will support what you are passionate about.

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I hope you enjoy this song and the message within it. Whatever your passions are, go for them. Life life to the fullest, be free, and believe. 

© 2016 Nadia Turner